Con­grat­u­la­tions on some­how stum­bling onto my old col­lege port­fo­lio. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, you’re many years too late.

I hung up my graph­ic design hat a few years ago to focus on my com­pa­ny, Bill­Fix­ers. So far, we’ve tak­en more than $4,000,000 out of the pock­ets of big, evil cor­po­ra­tions and giv­en it back to their con­sumers. These days that takes up all my wak­ing hours and most of my sleep­ing ones.

I still love design and I even get to do a lit­tle, but I no longer nor­mal­ly take on design clients. Every once in a while, I’ll work on projects that sound inter­est­ing or for caus­es I believe in, so feel free to reach out. I am always more than hap­py to offer advice or refer­rals on projects, but I’m only leav­ing up these now-embar­rass­ing projects as an accu­rate time cap­sule and a humil­i­ty check.

If you need your bills fixed or are look­ing for some­one to get a drink with in Nashville though, feel free to get in touch!